7PEL 99.4% attendance 1st half term #Halloweensweeties RHSC Allotment Project 2017 DofE Awards Evening 2017 Y9s & Y10s attending Leicester rugby v Gloucester RHSC China Trip 2017 Staff & Students China Trip 2017 Guest speaker, Iona Lake at Awards Evening 2017

7PEL 99.4% attendance 1st half term #Halloweensweeties

RHSC Allotment Project 2017

DofE Awards Evening 2017

Y9s & Y10s attending Leicester rugby v Gloucester

RHSC China Trip 2017

Staff & Students China Trip 2017

Guest speaker, Iona Lake at Awards Evening 2017

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  • Our annual Carol Service takes place at St Mary's & St Michael's church on Tuesday 12th December starting at 7pm. Do come along to support this event which is always a RHSC calendar highlight.
  • To confirm end of term will be from lunchtime on 19th December 2017.
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  • The new term will start on Thursday 4th January 2018.






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Reepham College A Level Results

We are delighted to report that for the seventh successive year Reepham's A Level results were exceptional. Our students achieved the best results of any Norfolk state funded post 16 provider, outperformed those of several prestigious private schools and achieved close to the same outcomes as two highly selective private schools in Norwich.


As in previous years we anticipate being identified as in the top 40 (out of 1500) post 16 institutions in England and Wales, as measured by the progress students make between the ages of 16 and 18.


35% of all grades were at A* or A

66% of all grades were at A*, A or B

89% of all grades were at A*, A, B or C


Over one in nine of our students achieved at least two A* grades and an A grade and 5% of our students gained three or more A* grades.
Reepham High School GCSE Results

These statistics take no account of ongoing appeals. All 2017 figures to be confirmed.


RHSC is a comprehensive school which takes in pupils of all abilities. Most years its pupil intake is no better than the county and national averages, some years it is significantly below. The Key Stage 2 levels achieved by the 2017 GCSE cohort were again close to the national average.


The school has an excellent track record of moving pupils on to achieve well above average GCSE results. Our performance is consistently above national and local authority averages and this has been sustained over a number of years.


For details of results please click HERE 



The English Department


Meet the author visit with Robert Muchamore  Meet the author visit with Robert Muchamore 



  • Elle Coney (CON), Head of English
  • Liz Burr (BUR), Teacher of English and Sociology
  • Sarah Chambers (CHM), Second in English and Head of Drama
  • Jenny Fletcher (FLE), Teacher of English, member of SLT (Senior Leadership Team)
  • Keith Owen (OWE), Teacher of English, Drama and Literacy, SENco (Special Education Needs Co-ord.), member of SLT (Senior Leadership Team)
  • Georgina Soanes (SOA), Teacher of English and Media
  • Philip Smedley (SME), Teacher of English and Media
  • Rosalind Thacker (THA), Teacher of English and History, Literacy Co-ordinator






We aim to keep our KS3 curriculum fresh and are introducing up-to-date resources to the key stage. English offers the opportunity to explore a range of issues and we need to respond to the demands of an ever-changing world through the provision of relevant and interesting activities and materials.




AQA GCSE English (4700), English language (4705) and English literature (4710)The new syllabi provide pupils with a rich and varied experience. The department is particularly excited by the new English language qualification which involves the study of spoken and written language.



SUMMER READS look at our Blog http://rhscgoodreads.blogspot.co.uk/



Recommended Learning Links for GCSE:














AQA GCE English language (2705 - 1706/2706) The English language course is a rigorous but varied course which provides students with valuable transferrable skills. In addition to working on original writing, students will also explore language use in a range of situations – language and gender, language and power, language and technology – and develop sound analytical skills. For A2, students face the challenge of producing a linguistic study and a media text as well as exploring language change and child language acquisition.



AQA GCE English literature (2704 – 1741/2741) Our team of highly enthusiastic and specialist teachers wanted to provide students with an exciting range of challenging texts and so decided to offer the Victorian option for the AS level. We all feel that the breadth and variety of this era’s literature provides a sound foundation for literary study and it relates perfectly to the A2 topic of “Love through the Ages”.



Recommended Learning Links for A level English language:






Learning Links for A level English literature:












We aim to provide challenging and inspiring lessons in which all students are fully-involved in their learning. Students will find themselves involved in individual tasks as well as group work and undertake a wide variety of learning activities.




We are very proud of our results – for example, August 2011 saw five A2 English literature students achieve A* grades, including one who is now studying at Cambridge University. Ultimately though, we aim to equip all our students with the literacy skills they need for success in life.




We always look for opportunities to enhance students’ learning with experiences outside the classroom. Students have participated in activities such as workshops from local writers and theatre companies; theatre performances in school, Norwich, Cambridge and London; talks by famous authors such as Charlie Higson and Darren Shan; events for National Poetry Day and World Book Day; public speaking competitions and many extra-curricular revision classes.


Recent Events 

Year 8 were recently visited by adventure horror author, Alexander Gordon Smith. AGS spoke to the whole of Year 8 about writing and bringing ideas onto the page before leading workshops with a selection of Year 8 pupils. It was a very special experience to be able to have a published author guide you in crafting your writing for an audience.