The ‘Ebuddies’ are a group of pupils from Year 7. Throughout the second and third term they work with staff to prepare the primary pupils for the transition to high school. 



Year 6 Visits

Two pupils accompany Mr Edgar and Mrs Barley when they visit the primary feeder schools in the summer term. They help to answer questions from the Year 6 pupils.



Year 7 ebuddies 2016



Office 365


All buddies monitor an interactive site accessed through our website, where year 6 pupils can continue to ask questions throughout the summer term.

It's an opportunity for them to discuss their concerns and get first hand feedback from the pupils who went through the same experience 12 months previously.

Click here to access the Office 365 e-buddies forum

Year 7 ebuddies 2016


Induction Day


The buddies spend all day with the Year 6 pupils. They meet them in the hall and then take them to each of their sample lessons. The buddies work with the Year 6 pupils in class helping them to understand and enjoy the work. Acting as guides the buddies take the Year 6 pupils to early lunch and then meet them again when the bell goes. Finally the buddies join in with a tutor game of rounders to finish the day and help staff to direct pupils to the correct bus.

                 Year 7 ebuddies 2016


First days


The buddies continue to act as guides, leaving their own lesson a few minutes early to collect and deliver the new pupils. Again they assist with early lunch and end of the day arrangements.


  Year 7 ebuddies 2016


Open Evening


A group of buddies attend this evening, bringing with them a sample school bag. They take charge of a room where both parents and prospective pupils can ask questions about the day to day life at Reepham High School and College. The pupils have with them a selection of their equipment, including their homework planner, PE kit and exercise books. Other key information is displayed including curriculum enhancement week opportunities and extra-curricular clubs.

Ebuddies is open to current Year 7 pupils. To apply see the application form in the Student Responsibility booklet and please return it to Mrs Fuller.