E-Safety and ICT Guidance

Although there have been concerns about pupils having access to undesirable materials, we are taking positive steps to deal with this risk in school. Within school, we operate an Internet content filtering system that restricts access to inappropriate materials. There are also many recommended internet sites which provide a lot more information about using the internet at home and we have listed a few below that we hope you find useful.




Norfolk Constabulary APPs Safety Letter July 2016


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In Year 7 all students study E-Safety in their ICT lessons for 6 weeks in which they look at cyberbullying, online predators, inappropriate language and content as well as social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook amongst others. Students then produce a short animation to showcase what they have learnt. Throughout these lessons students look at and use the following websites;

Most of these websites have a Parent section in which they provide resources and ideas on how to approach the topics mentioned above with your child, and how you can best protect them yourself, including how to navigate parental controls. We try to emphasise to students that, in this digital world, a computer or laptop is not the only place that students are vulnerable, and they must be aware of how they conduct themselves on their phones, tablets and gaming console networks.

RHSC Internet Access Agreement
RHSC's policy governing the use of the Internet service within school is available below:
RHSC Internet Access Agreement

Student Information System User Guide

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