The ICT Department  

Students at work in one of the ICT suites


The department consists of two ICT specialists who share a passion for the subject and believe in the importance of the subject in all areas of the curriculum and the business world.


What is taught? 

KS3: Year 7:

Pupils are taught ICT for One period a week and they consolidate and extend skills learned in KS2. They master the skills needed to use ICT effectively in all subjects of the curriculum.  


Year 8:

Pupils follow the National Curriculum Key Stage 3 Strategy for ICT, developing the skills needed for their Key Stage 4 ICT course. 


Year 9 and Year 10:

Year 9 and 10 Cambridge Nationals Revision resources - (Students will be required to logon to their email accounts to access this)

This guide can also be purchased from the ICT department for a small charge to cover printing costs of £2.

Unit 1 Revision Guide


Pupils start their Key Stage 4 ICT course. We study the OCR National ICT Course. In Year 9 pupils will complete the first of three units ICT skills for business, which will use skills learned in Key Stage 3, but will apply them to the business environment. The OCR National course is studied during Year 9 and Year 10 and pupils will earn a GCSE equivalent qualification at the end of Year 10. Pupils can gain a Pass, Grade C, Merit, Grade B or Distinction, Grade A, for their work on Three Units. During Year 10 pupils complete 2 further Units. Web sites and a unit developing graphics for the web site.This will complete the OCR qualification.


Pupils develop skills:

·         Using business software

·         Working independently

·         Developing portfolios of work


Key Stage 5: 

At KS5 we study the AQA Applied ICT A level course.This course offers a high quality, industry relevant qualification. It provides valuable opportunities for individuals to develop skills and gain knowledge and understanding that will support entry into work or progression to further studies. The AS Award comprises three AS Units:

ICT and Society (externally marked)

ICT and Organisations (Internally Marked)

Data Handling (Internally Marked)

The A Level Award comprises the three AS units and three A Level units.

Advanced Spread sheet Design (externally marked)

Project management (Internally marked) and Publishing (Internally marked). 


This course is suitable for those preparing for employment in the ICT sector, particularly in job roles where you will be expected to use ICT skills to liaise with the users. This qualification is also suitable for those wishing to gain a Level 3 qualification to support continued study in further or higher education.