Mobile phones

Please be aware that the staff and governors of RHSC have taken the decision to tighten up our rules on mobile phones from September 2017.  This decision has not been taken lightly and is for a variety of reasons.


From September 2017

  • Mobile phones can be brought to school in case of a problem during pupils' journeys to and from school.
  • Once on school grounds, whether inside or outside, phones cannot be used and must remain out of sight.
  • Staff will confiscate any mobile phones seen and will be returned to parents only.
  • If your son/daughter needs to contact home they should report to the school office.


Please be aware we are making the changes to promote learning and pupil well-being and are the results of numerous instances of the inappropriate use of phones.  We would also like to remind parents/carers/pupils that we cannot be responsible for any damage done to any phone whilst at school.


If you wish to discuss this decision please contact your son / daughter's pastoral leader, who will be happy to receive your query.



Mr T. Gibbs


July 2017