Behaviour, Discipline, Rewards & Leadership


Behaviour, Discipline and Rewards 

Reepham High School and college expects a high standard of behaviour from its students.


Discipline System

The group tutor also monitors pupil misdemeanours. There is a graduated series of sanctions to deal with problems as they emerge and the system enables a speedy response from the appropriate member of staff. The Principal takes a personal interest in ensuring that the school remains an ordered and harmonious society with firm but friendly discipline. If problems arise, the school is keen to involve parents at an early stage. Success is seen as lying in partnership.


Learning Passports

Within the pupil journal there is a “Learning Passport” section. Pupils collect evidence of achievement as good team workers, willingness to get involved, ability to take risks, being creative thinkers and being independent learners.


Pupil Motivation - Reward System

We believe that it is very important to stress the positive aspects of pupil conduct. Pupils are given Merit stickers for consistent good behaviour, good work or a noticeable improvement in either. The group tutors monitor the Merit stickers, enabling them to keep an up-to-date record of each pupil's progress. If pupils produce exceptional work, they may be given a subject certificate and a small prize or a special commendation from the Principal. When a pupil has accumulated eight merit stickers he/she will be eligible for a Head of Year’s Merit; six Head of Year’s Merits lead to a Principal’s Commendation.



Pupil leadership 

Reepham High School and College is not only striving to help all pupils fulfil their potential, we also want to help them develop into the leaders of tomorrow.  With this in mind we have a strong programme that includes:-

  • Leadership Academy
  • Year Councils
  • School Council
  • Pupil led charities
  • Pupil organised events (such as the Talent Show)
  • Pupil researchers (who often give presentations to teachers)
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • Head Boy and Head Girl