Term Dates and Events 2015-2016


AUTUMN TERM     Thursday 3rd September 2015  -  Friday 18th December 2015

                                (Half Term: Friday 23rd October - Friday 30th October 2015)


SPRING TERM        Tuesday 5th January 2016  -  Thursday 24th March 2016

                                (Half Term: Monday 15th February - Friday 19th February 2016)


SUMMER TERM     Monday 11th April 2016  -  Wednesday 20th July 2016

                               (Half Term: Monday 30th May - Friday 3rd June 2016)


The school will be closed on:

Friday 23rd October 2015 and on May Day, Monday 2nd May 2016

The school will be closed for staff training on Tues 1st & Wed 2nd September 2015; Mon 4th January 2016; Thu 30th June 2016



Wed 9th September                                                   Individual school photos - Years 7, 9, 11 & 12

                                                                                   Group photos - Years 7, 11 & 13

Thurs 10th September                                               Year 12 Settling In Evening

Wed 16th September                                                 Year 10 Towards Success Evening

Fri 18th September                                                     Sponsored Walk

Wed 30th Sept & Thu 1st Oct                                    Harvest Assembly

Mon 28th Sept - Fri 2nd Oct                                      Year 12 Screening Week

Thurs 1st October                                                      Year 6 Open Evening

Mon 5th October                                                         Year 6 Open Day

Wednesday 7th October                                             Year 11 Careers Day

Thurs 8th October                                                       Sixth Form Open Evening

Tues 13th October                                                      Year 7 Settling In Evening

Thurs 15th October                                                     Year 10 Work Experience Evening

Wed 11th November                                                  Service of Remembrance

Thurs 12th November                                                 Year 11 Awards Evening

Fri 13th November                                                      College Taster Day

Mon 30th November - Fri 4th December                   GCSE Mocks

Tues 15th December                                                 Carol Service in St Mary's, Reepham 

Thurs 17th December                                                 Year 13 Awards Evening

December - date tbc                                           Drama production




Tues 5th Jan - Fri 8th Jan                                            Year 12 & 13 Mocks

Thurs 4th February                                                     Year 9 Options Evening

Mon 8th February                                                        Year 9 Options deadlines

Thurs 21st April                                                           Music Spring Concert

Mon 6th - Fri 10th June                                               Sixth Form Careers Week

Mon 13th June                                                            A2 teaching starts for Year 12 students

Thu 16th June                                                             Young Musician of the Year competition

Mon 20th & Tues 21st June                                        Year 10 Careers Mornings Event

Thu 7th - Wed 20th July incl.                                       Year 12 Work Experience

Mon 11th - Wed 20th July incl.                                    Year 10 Work Experience

Thu 7th July                                                                 Sixth Form Induction Day

Fri 8th July                                                                   Sixth Form Activity Day

Mon 11th July                                                               Year 6 Induction Evening

Mon 11th July - Fri 15th July incl.                                Curriculum Enhancement Week (Yrs 7/8/9)

Mon 18th July                                                              Sports Day

Mon 18th and Tues 19th July                                      Year 6 Induction Days


Thu 18th August                                                         A Level Results Day

Thu 25th August                                                         GCSE Results Day



Year 7

Tues 13th October 2015                                                       Settling In Evening

March 2016                                                                         Interim Report to parents

Thurs 14th April 2016                                                           Parents’ Evening

June 2016                                                                          Full Report to parents



Year 8

December 2015                                                                    Interim Report to parents

April 20165                                                                           Full Report to parents

June 2016                                                                            Interim Report to parents

Thurs 9th June 2016                                                              Parents’ Evening




Year 9

November 2015                                                                    Interim 1 Report to parents

January 2016                                                                        Full Report to parents

Thurs 21st January 2016                                                       Parents’ Evening

Thurs 4th February 2016                                                        Options evening

Mon 8th February 2016                                                          Options deadline

June 2016                                                                             Interim 2 Report to Parents




Year 10

December 2015                                                                    Interim 1 Report to parents

March 2016                                                                          Interim 2 Report to parents

Thurs 17th March 2016                                                         Parents’ Evening

June 2016                                                                            Full Report to parents




Year 11

October 2015                                                                       Interim  Report to parents

Fri 8th January 2016                                                             Mock Results Day

January 2016                                                                       Full Report to parents

Thurs 28th January 2016                                                       Parents’ Evening




Year 12

Thurs 10th September 2015                                                  Settling In Evening

Fri 9th October 2015                                                            Screening results issued

Fri 4th December 2015                                                         Interim reports to parents

Fri 22nd January 2016                                                          Mock Results Day

Thurs 11th February 2016                                                     Parents’ Evening

Fri 23rd January 2016                                                          Mock Results Day

Fri 24th March 2016                                                            Full Report to parents

Tues 7th June 2016                                                             UCAS for Parents Evening




Year 13

Thu 5th Nov 2015                                                               Interim 1 Report to parents

Thurs 10th December 2015                                                  Parents’ evening

Fri 22nd January 2016                                                         Mock Results Day

Fri 26th Feb 2016                                                                Full Report to parents

Thu 28th April 2016                                                             Interim 2 Report to parents


Dates are approximate and subject to change.

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