Our Curriculum


 Our Curriculum


When pupils arrive in Year 7 they are placed in mixed ability tutor groups. We try hard to ensure they are with at least one person they know well. Pupils normally remain in the same tutor group until the end of Year 11.  This provides continuity and allows the group tutor to develop a special relationship with each group member. Initially most subjects are taught to tutor groups, however, during the course of Year 7 pupils are set according to their ability in certain subjects including mathematics, modern languages and science.  Within a year pupils are set in nearly every subject.


Children who need learning support are allocated to classes where targeted help is available.  We have a well developed Gifted and Talented programme.  We follow the National Curriculum in Years 7 to 9.


Year 7 Curriculum


Periods per week

Subject Periods Per Week
English 3 ICT 1
Mathematics 3 Music 1
Science 3 Physical Education 2
Art 2 Religious Education 1
Drama 1 Technology 2
French 3 Personal, Social & Health Education 1
Humanities 2    


In Years 10 and 11 all pupils study English, Mathematics , Science, ICT, PE and RE.  In additional pupils have nine hours to study four option subjects.  More able pupils have to choose a foreign language as one of those subjects.


All pupils, in all years, follow a Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) programme.  This programme supports pupils in progression to the world of work or higher education. Sex and relationships education is intergrated into the PSHE curriculum.  If parents have any concern about this, they should contact the Principal.


By law, all pupils study Religious Education, (RE), to the end of their school life.  The RE syllabus is based on the Norfolk County syllabus.  Parents have the right to withdraw their children from collective worship and RE lessons, on the basis of conscience.  Any child withdrawn will be required to study privately.  No extra tuition is available.


Reepham High School and College is a Specialist Science, Applied Learning and Maths, and Computing Centre.  We are one of a small number of schools that has been awarded three specialisms since 2000.  These were awarded on the basis of excellent school performance.


However, although the school has worked hard to provide fantastic opportunities for pupils in these curriculum areas we have worked just as hard to ensure high standards across our entire curriculum.  This was, for example, demonstrated in 2012 when we received awards for our arts and our PE provision.