General Information


Academic Life of the School


Pupils at Reepham High School and College receive a varied and stimulating education

delivered by a highly committed staff that contains a healthy balance of youth and


The school believes that the best way to promote pupil development is to provide a

broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum, taking into account age, ability

and aptitude. The school seeks to extend and support the learning of all its pupils, also

to recognise and value their progress and achievements. In order to best provide for

pupil needs, the school offers courses from a number of different examination boards.

GCSE is the most usual form of examination, but we also run a number of vocational

courses that are examined via BTEC, NVQ and the new Diploma.


Curriculum Organisation


The school week is divided into 25 one hour lessons. The time allocation devoted to

particular subjects accords with national guidelines.


Years 7-9, Key Stage 3

of the National Curriculum


All pupils follow courses in: English, mathematics, science, information and

communication technology, a foreign language (French for those joining Year 7),

technology, humanities, religious education, physical education, art, music and drama.

The curriculum is largely the same in Year 8 though a second foreign language

(Spanish) is also available for more able linguists.


Years 10-11, Key Stage 4


of the National Curriculum


All pupils studying at Key Stage 4 take courses in English, mathematics, science (some

take separate sciences – biology, chemistry, physics; others a double award course that

leads to two GCSEs), religious education, physical education, information and

communication technology, personal and social education. 40% are required to study a

foreign language.

There are options to study a second foreign language, history, geography, art, music,

drama, child development, resistant materials, textiles, graphics, one of a range of

vocational courses (including the new Diplomas), can be chosen.

The curriculum has been crafted to cater for pupils of different levels of ability. Able

pupils will take nine or by special arrangement ten or eleven GCSEs. Pupils who find

academic subjects difficult have the opportunity to spend a day a week at college

following a vocational course, or indeed to experience a work-based learning placement

for one day a week.

An advanced examination entry system operates. This sees ICT taken in Year 10 and

for some students there is early entry in mathematics GCSE followed by AS studies in

Year 11.




English 4

Mathematics 4

Science 5

Four subjects chosen from:

Art/Child Development/Drama/French/Geography/History/

Music/Physical Education/Spanish/ Product Design, Resistant

Materials, Graphic Products, Textiles *

8 periods between the 4 subjects

Religious Studies 1

Physical Education 2

Information & Communication Technology 2

*Please note that more able pupils are expected to choose at least one foreign language

from this list. Also note some pupils are given the opportunity to take a vocational

course at local college/training centre.

Where appropriate some pupils are offered a modified vocational curriculum.