The Mathematics Department


The mathematics department is a strong department within the school and its results are a strength of the school.  

There are currently five full-time and four part-time members of staff (which include the Director of Sixth Form and acting Deputy head) who teach mathematics.

We also have an HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) who specialises in Mathematics and enhances the work of the department.

All teachers are specialists, and work very much as a team ensuring students benefit from a wide range of expertise and interests.  We all share a love of the subject.


Members of the department have a wide range of additional skills. The department includes an Assistant Pastoral Leader and an Applied Learning Manager who is responsible for the development of applied learning work modules, adult numeracy and functional skills.  The Director of Sixth Form and acting Deputy Head are members of the Senior Leadership Team. 




Pupils are set on entry according to their KS2 result.  Setting occurs in all year groups.


  • There are eight sets in Year 7 allowing for very small groups in the bottom sets
  • and six sets in Year 8 and 9.
  • Year 7-9 have three one hour lessons every week.
  • There are seven sets in Year 10 and 11 and these have four one hour lessons per week.
  • Selected pupils in the top set are accelerated through GCSE in Year 10 and study advanced Free Standing Maths qualifications in Year 11.
  • This year, GCSE C/D borderline pupils will be part of early entry in November of Year 11.  This has proved successful and we intend to continue this next year.  Entry Level is offered to our lowest ability students.

Pupils follow the AQA course for GCSE mathematics, statistics, GCE AS level and Entry Level.  Pupils in Years 7 – 9 follow the national curriculum.     


Accommodation and Resources  

Mathematics is taught in a suite of five rooms.

  • Each room has its own interactive whiteboard (Promethean) and its own computer for teacher use.
  • Two of the rooms share the department’s ICT resources of 20 computers for pupil use. Laptop trolleys can also be booked for use. 
  • The department is well resourced with sets of Impact books and Mathslinks Oxbox books for each class in Years 7 – 9.  Level Up books have been purchased for lower ability Year 7. Oxbox homework books have been purchased for Year 7 - 9.
  • Years 10 and 11 have Foundation, Middle and Higher GCSE books written for the AQA course and homework books to match the student class books. 

We subscribe to the website MyMaths and use this to teach and to set homework or classwork tasks.  We also use Living Worksheets as well as a number of mathematical puzzles and games software.   The department has achieved excellent results at all levels over the past ten years. 

For example:

  • From 2002 to 2011 all GCSE accelerated pupils achieved A*/A grades.  Twenty one pupils achieved A*/A in 2009 and nineteen studied the AS qualification, although many were not  entered for the exam as the Universities retake policy and the introduction of the A* grade at AS has affected our policies.


  • 85% of all pupils entered for the qualification (in Year 11) have achieved an A or a B grade.  5 pupils achieved A or A* a year early (Year 10 entrants).


  • It has been  appropriate to restrict the number of early entries with the development of the Sixth Form.  These students have studied AS Use of Mathematics in Year 11 and achieved A and B grades.


  • 2011 results for A2 are excellent with 72% A* to C and 96% A* to E. The AS results show that A2 should be even better next year.




Extra Curricular Activity and Trips


We enter the students into Football Fantasy league and Cars in Motion competitions.

We have a Risk and Probability show for Year 7s, a Finance Day for Year 8s and a Smoothie  Day for Year 9s. 


We have a Mastermind competition for Year 7s, Year 8s are entered into a Maths competition run by the UEA and top year 7-11s are entered into the Junior and Intermediate Maths Challenges.

We also enter Year 10’s for the Stock market Challenge.


Every year we visit the Commercial Mortgages and Actuarial Department of Aviva to see maths in the work place and the Actuaries run an activity for our top Year 9 students the following morning. We are always looking for new links to promote work related learning.