School Council

The School Council


Members of the  School Council 2012/2013

The School Council consists of student representatives from each of the five year groups. The students are elected annually by their peers from their respective year councils.

Members of the 2012/2013 school council are - Louis Chapman, Mia Smith, Ella Starling, Lauren Ketteridge, Nicholas Park, George Rowley, Alex Deal, Bertie Carter-Semenczuk, Clare Hurst, Alice Dixon, Mia Purcell, Samantha Baily, Josh Case, Jasmin Oven, Olivia Rogers, Harry Vergerson, Andre Santos-Allen, Jack Osborne.

It is the School Council that decides which charities the school’s fundraising activities support. Using feedback received from the Form Groups via the Year Council representatives the School Council meet with senior staff from the school to endeavour to bring about changes to school procedures/facilities/uniform.

Members of the School Council are also involved in the appointment of new staff to the school. Each candidate  is interviewed by a small panel of council members who then feed back to the Head of Department.